Business Central – Update 17.1 angekommen

Hier eine Liste der Verbesserungen / Erweiterungen im Update 17.1 für Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Update 17.1

Business Central Update 17.1 angekommen

Hier eine Liste der Verbesserungen / Erweiterungen im Update 17.1 für Dynamics 365 Business Central. Soweit es möglich war habe ich übersetzt bzw. versucht Erklärungen zu finden aber das ist nicht immer leicht oder möglich. Im Anschluss dann die komplette Liste an Hotfixes – alles zusammen finden Sie hier

Field Monitoring
  • Use new sales pricing experience / Neue Systematik bei Verkaufspreisen. Diese Änderung ist ein bisschen größer um das vorsichtig zu formulieren und muss (aktuell zumindest) extra aktiviert werden. Ich habe das in der Sandbox gemacht und werde mich dieser Thematik in den nächsten Tagen widmen. Stay tuned.
  • Control how Account Schedules for core financial reports are generated / Steuern der Erstellung von Kontenschemata aus Sachkontokategorien.

    Dazu muss ich ein bisschen weiter ausholen und ich hoffe, dass ich es richtig erwische. Man kann ja in der Finanzbuchhaltung Einrichtung diverse Kontenschemata angeben, die an anderen Stellen im System dann als Standard verwendet werden. Diese Schemata wurden und werden aus den sogenannten Sachkontokategorien über eine Funktion in der Aktionsleiste generiert.
    Bis dato war es allerdings so, dass jedes Mal wenn ein neues Kontenschema generiert wurde, das alte überschrieben wurde. Somit war es nicht möglich, alte Schemata zu behalten und beispielsweise Situationen vor einer größeren Änderung darzustellen (oder schlichtweg Irrtümer zu korrigieren…).
    Über die aktuelle Änderungen ist es nun möglich alte Kontenschemata zu behalten (es kommt eine Abfrage) und automatisch neue zu generieren wobei auch der Name automatisch erstellt wird. Zusätzlich werden diese neuen Kontenschemata auch in die Finanzbuchhaltung Einrichtung übertragen.
Kontenschema generieren
UID Validierung
UID Validierung Ergebnis
371969Thrown exceptions should not prevent other tenants from being initial mounted.
376791Action tiles with dynamic visibility might not be visible when located in a FactBox.
371780Incorrect mediaEditLink and mediaReadLink display in the API ODataKeyFields property when you use the expand parameter.
376324“Sequence contains no matching element” error message displays in API SubPageLink if the linked field is not populated in the main page.
376358The browser client is not responding in certain situations.
374526Error displays in the page caption when the caption has a “&” sign.
376517A Calibri fonts fix for report rendering.
376230Cannot start designer again from the Web client after customizing other extensions than Base Application and stopping the designer.
376467The CaptionClass property based on table extension does not update but the CaptionClass property based on the page extension does.
372999The Card page that contains a JavaScript control add-in get stuck immediately after you publish an extension through Visual Studio Code. “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘controlAddInManifest’ of null” error message displays in the application log.
374185Copy from production operations are failing for embedded clusters.
374176The Customer Statement report does nothing when you click the Preview button.
372557Empty publisher name in App manifest causes an upgrade issue.
372074Enhance the stability of event subscription invocations.
373985Failed tasks for non-existent users are removed.
376372Fix queries that reference FlowFields with Exist () formula exposed through OData.
372650Improve the robustness in the event subscriptions.
371449Improve upgrade resilience that allows extended timeout for adding system ID upgrade step.
372709In 16.4 for Dynamics 365 Business Central 2020 Release Wave 1, you have to press the Enter key two times when calling the OnValidate Trigger. Compared to 15.1 for Dynamics 365 Business Central 2019 Release Wave 2, you only need to hit the Enter key one time.
375531An issue with lines displays when you copy & paste rows into the Item Tracking lines from Excel.
375747The telemetry is missing for certain exceptions.
372631Not applicable because  this is not a Server/App/Client fix.
375044Optimize the retrieval of database locks snapshot.
375040Optimize the retrieval of database locks snapshot.
374489The PowerBI reports in FactBoxes (filtering) are not working for Business Central on-premises.
374574Reduce the amount of information logged for certain exceptions.
372712The Runtime package extracted with update 16.4 for Dynamics 365 Business Central cannot be published in earlier minor builds when the Application property is set in app.json file and does not contain dependencies.
372973“Failed to convert parameter value from a String to a Guid.” (Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Types.Exceptions.NavSqlException) error message displays in the Service report randomly when you copy records from a query.
376530Support descending order by from queries on pages.
372558Synchronizing table changes is taking too long and new user sessions cannot be established if you have a very large number of companies.
374258Update the LS and custom SSL validation fix.
375510The Web client does not respond anymore after you enter an incorrect filter.
372715Incomplete error message details from Sync-NAVTenant cmdlet when a lot of tables have been deleted.
373700“Windows logins are not supported in this version of SQL Server” error message displays when Sync-NAVApp cmdlet tries to use Windows credentials to access an Azure SQL Database instance in a multitenant environment.
376838The Web client crashes when you try to filter on the Vendor No. field while opening a new purchase quote.
371562The ALFunction telemetry does not work in Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premises in all cases.
377388Dialogs can also close the page underneath when closing
376044A report crashes when DataItem contains a column with variant data type.
377158Unblock an upgrade for legacy Microsoft invoicing companies.

Application hotfixes

IDTitleFunctional Area
373292Renaming a User-Defined permission set will not rename the user permission set, which leaves phantom entries in the user permission sets.Administration
374586XML Buffer does not reset parent entry No., which leads to not always adding namespaces if multiple namespaces are used.Administration
373918The Base Calendar code does not change in the lines when you use the next key.Administration
372710An error displays in the Decimal fields filtering and save view.Administration
373372Amounts are incorrect in the remittance advice journal.Cash Management
373914The Vendor Pre-Payment Journal report is incorrect when you use single Document No. in the Payment Journal.Cash Management
373296Intercompany documents are sent multiple times when the Auto Send field is True.Finance
373299Under certain circumstances, the Balance on the page is incorrect because the Balance is based on the incorrect posting date.Finance
373310Financial reports are missing.Finance
373318The Document No. field is not sequential in the intercompany journal when you create the lines by using the Transfer to General Journal function in Bank Reconciliation.Finance
373321Total per page in the Aged Accounts Receivables report.Finance
373328The Invoice Rounding line gets added automatically to the issued reminder although it has been deleted from the reminder.Finance
373344The tooltip of the Box. No. field on the page is odd.Finance
373346When you print the Test report, the Total excluding VAT is not calculated correctly when you have an interest amount in a reminder.Finance
373342Payment method code is used from the customer card even if it is deleted at service order level.Finance
373360When you look up the Sales Credit Memo Account field from the General Posting Setup, you get to an unfiltered list of G/L accounts on a page, whereas from the Sales Account field, you get to a filtered view.Finance
373376The Document No. field is cut off in the Customer Detailed Aging report.Finance
373377The tooltip for the Blocked field on the Customer card page is incorrect, also for items and vendors.Finance
373390After an Apply action, a negative customer ledger entry displays a positive remaining amount.Finance
373411The G/L – VAT Reconciliation report cannot be filtered to the VAT Statement Name field.Finance
373820“Something went wrong” error message displays on the page and prevents editing workflow step condition in the Incoming Document Approval Workflow.Finance
373908If you enable the VAT Registration No. check service, the system does not check anymore if the VAT registration No. is duplicated.Finance
374833Look up G/L account list in the General Posting Setup isn’t working in the same way.Finance
375709The value in the G/L account category changes.Finance
375874Numbers after the decimal place are displayed in Analysis by Dimensions.Finance
376808Y in the date filter does not work anymore.Finance
373410The G/L – VAT Reconciliation report cannot be filtered to the VAT statement name.Finance
373387The check for the amount / VAT amount in the sales order does not work accurately.Finance
373675Bank Account Posting Group keeps getting deleted from the Company Information table.Finance
373913“File path format is invalid” error message displays when you try to import the .xsd file in XBRL Taxonomies Schemas.Finance
376025The Consolidation % field only displays one decimal instead of two.Finance
376721A value change in the G/L account category.Finance
373302The FA Posting Group table is not updated when you modify or delete the FA Subclass code for FA without entries.Fixed Assets
373305The Fixed Asset Book Value report is printing in a portrait mode which causes the columns to wrap.Fixed Assets
373338“FA Error Entry No. = ### does not match the Journal Line for Fixed Asset No. = ### in Depreciation Book Code = COMPANY. ” error message displays when Fixed Asset disposal posting cannot be canceled and the depreciation book is not integrated.Fixed Assets
373359The temp file cleanup is missing when exiting from the GetHTMLBodyText() procedure in the Notification Entry Dispatcher codeunit.Integration
373303Multiple issues with lot and reservation that is running VAT Rate Change tool.Inventory
373311The WhseActivLine Copy code is not used.Inventory
373314It is impossible to post an assembly order.Inventory
373393The record in the Item Variant table already exists. The Identification fields and Item No.=XXX, Code=XXX values are at variant level when the Copy Item function has been used.Inventory
373399You cannot fill the Capacity Variance Account, Cap. Overhead Variance Account, Mfg. Overhead Variance Account fields in the Inventory Posting Setup.Inventory
373404Reserve entries and reclassification journal when the Series No. field is empty.Inventory
373791The record in the Item Variant table already exists. The Identification fields and Item No.=XXX, Code=XXX values are at variant level when the Copy Item function has been used.Inventory
374786The Physical Inventory Journal report displays Lot No. lines with 0 quantity.Inventory
374878Incomplete Item Cross References displays in the Item Vendor creation.Inventory
376326Dealing with the tracking is blocked, system is looping when you try to create the inventory pick.Inventory
373348The Item Avail. by Location Lines page has a procedure called Get.Inventory
375086The translation for None is missing in Enum.Inventory
374780An availability problem displays when items are partially shipped on assembly orders.Inventory
373326The Work In Progress (WIP) Method of Sales of Cost is calculating incorrectly.Jobs
375529Incorrect translations in the Jobs module for English and French languages.Jobs
373794The Ship-to code is not populating correctly when you create a sales invoice from the Job Planning Lines.Jobs
373392The allocated time on the Prod. Order Capacity Need page does not recognize the full quantity that remains to be produced after the production order due date has been changed and output has been reversed.Manufacturing
375700The planning line that is created via accepted Capable to promise (CTP) calculation on a sales order does not create reservation between suggested purchase of component, reordering policy=order, and planned production order causing the purchase.Manufacturing
373317When filtering by the No. field in the Planning worksheets, the dropdown displays a list of accounts.Manufacturing
374592“The Inventory Adjmt. Entry (Order) does not exist” error message displays when you run the Cost Shares Breakdown report if no consumption is posted.Manufacturing
373352The Work Description field is not updated in the sales order when you convert the sales quote into the sales order with a linked opportunity open.Marketing
373309Overdue Purch invoice amount on the Role Center is displaying negative values after update 16.4 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2020 Release Wave 1.Purchase
373323Placeholders display on the Vendor Statistics page.Purchase
373325Modify some fields even if the purchase order is released.Purchase
373332The Qty to Handle (Base) and the Qty to Invoice (Base) fields in the Item Tracking lines are unexpectedly emptied when a user uses the requisitions worksheet.Purchase
373396The Email Address field on the Contact card does not validate the purchase order header when a contact is changed, and the email address of the contact is different from the Vendor card email address.Purchase
373910Posting batch purchase invoices with active workflow displays incorrect errors.Purchase
374771The total sum of an item charge, distributed across several item ledger entries, causes a difference to the original item charge amount due to rounding.Purchase
373375Reordering policy is not being set properly when you utilize a config package for a new Stockkeeping Unit card.Purchase
373343The Applies-to-Doc. Due Date Offset is not available in the Suggest Vendor Payments window in Business Central on-premises.Purchase
373362The Ship-to Code field is blank in the purchase order that was generated from a Requisition worksheet in Business Central on-premises.Purchase
373316The Customer Statement report sends out blank statement without any data.Sales
373345When you post a sales order (Ship & Invoice), the system archives the document twice.Sales
373340The customer comment disappears after changing the Customer No. field.Sales
373349The sales invoice in the Custom Reports Layout does not display the Job No. field.Sales
373373“Line Amount Excl. VAT must have a value in Sales Line: Document Type=Invoice, Document No.=X, Line No.=X. It cannot be zero or empty” error message displays when you post a sales document with Item Charge Lines with 100% discount.Sales
373379In a warehouse shipment scenario with using the Get Shipment Lines function on a sales invoice, the prepayment amount for the second line is not deducted correctly.Sales
373391The Qty. to Ship and Qty. to Invoice fields are populated in sales order after you correct the posted sales invoice.Sales
373655Issues display when you run the Aged Accounts Receivable report.Sales
376446“Code should be 2 characters long in Country/Region Code=XXX” error message displays when you try to send electronical document PEPPOL. New ISO field in the Countries/Region should be used instead of the code.Sales
376857Changing Bill-to impacts the Drop Shipment field when you recreate lines.Sales
373408Issues display when you send the Customer Statement report in 15.x for Dynamics Business Central on-premises.Sales
373365The Last Modified Date Time value in the Customer field is not updating.Sales
373651The Shipping Time field is not updated in the sales order when the Customer Name field is selected.Sales
373312The E-invoice subject and attachment values are written in the user interface language rather than the Customer language.Sales
373324“Quantity Shipped must be equal to ‘0’ in Sales Document Type=Order”, error message displays if you delete the cross reference and try to insert again in a sales document.Sales
375048Upgrading from previous versions does not insert permission in the relevant Role IDs for Table Feature Data Update Status.Upgrade
372501Only the last picked document out of a number of created picks documents are printed after update to 16.4 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2020 Release Wave 1.Warehouse
373308You cannot post an item journal if the journal lines are created via Calculate Warehouse Adjustment while the Item Tracking code was changed.Warehouse
373350Cannot post an inventory pick due to an unexpected error.Warehouse
373363When you deal with job and transfer, no reservation status is created using order planning and reserve option.Warehouse
373383“Nothing to Handle” error message occurs when you create a warehouse pick and the Shipment Bin code includes special character ‘&’.Warehouse
373395Changing lot number at movement worksheet level by using the Get Bin Content function is accumulating quantities.Warehouse
373646The Shipment Method code is lost from Transfer Order to Warehouse Shipment.Warehouse
373917“Nothing to handle” error message displays when you deal with First Expired First Out (FEFO), expiration date and internal movement.Warehouse
373749“The total item tracking quantity 15 exceeds the sales line quantity 14. The changes cannot be saved to the database. ” error message displays when you register a partial pick of a lot tracked item.Warehouse
373777Cannot do a warehouse receipt if you had previously used the Undo function in Dynamics Business Central om-premises, and the Warehouse Receipt Lines are not created.Warehouse

Disclaimer: Wir wissen viel aber nicht alles und Fehler können passieren. Wenn Sie daher einen solchen finden – schreiben Sie uns bitte.